Hello, World! We are Ox & Rabbit Designs, and we want to de‑clutter your laptop carrying experience.

Vân Tran

It's nice to meet you.

This is our first post, and we are thoroughly excited to introduce you to our ultra-light laptop jackets that carry your laptop without carrying the bulk.

A little about us—we are folks who use our laptops on a regular basis for work and school, but we don’t like how bulky and disorganized it is to carry a laptop along with other essentials. It takes too many steps to pack a laptop in and out of a bag repeatedly throughout the day, even if you’re just moving to a different room or building.

We value efficiency and productivity, so it’s important for us to access the laptop like <snap> that. Above all, who wants to carry around a big bag that has extra space to carry extra things you don’t need? We also weren’t satisfied with laptop sleeves because they didn’t make it any easier to pack up a laptop nor carry it around. Any of this sounding familiar?

That’s why we designed an ultra-light laptop jacket that solves this jumble of nuisances!

Our first prototype of our ultra-light laptop carrier
This was our first prototype in canvas and leather.

It’s a thin and excessively strong layer that sticks to the outside of your laptop and adds a handle on it. We love using the handle whether you have your laptop closed and against your side, or open if you're still actively working. The laptop jacket sticks to the computer using super strong gel pads that don’t leave residue and can be re-positioned.

Imagine yourself gliding in and out of meetings and classes all buttery smooth without the disruption of packing and unpacking. If you must carry a few essentials with you, we ensured that it has an easy-to-access pocket that can fit your phone, charging cable, and accessories from chap stick to memory stick.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been through countless design iterations to perfect every detail of this product and we are excited to show you the result in Summer 2022. This journey will be a huge step for us, but we plan, we stay focused, we implement. We’d love to keep you posted on our progress so you can see it for yourself.

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