Productivity is necessary for the Laptop Lifestyle. Here's how to make it work for you.

Jennifer Charles

At Ox & Rabbit Designs, we make minimal laptop jackets that are both functional and stylish. Our goal is to create carry gear that simplifies and enhances your everyday life. But let's back up a bit and talk about what started it all—how we can be productive and successful as office nomads.

The modern work culture is changing…are you? We are grateful that today’s technology allows us to embrace the “laptop lifestyle,” where we are able to work from just about anywhere. While this lifestyle comes with great freedom, it is also demanding in a whole new way. It’s not your typical 9 to 5 friends, and we get it. We are here to help you navigate, understand, and ultimately succeed in the highly competitive and demanding work environment.

If you are on social media (we'll guess that’s most of you), then you have probably seen selfies of tan, happy folks working on their laptop from a gorgeous tropical beach with an umbrella garnished cocktail cheering to their 6-figure income, all thanks to the fact that they can work from anywhere at anytime.  What you don’t see is all of the people that hear about this exquisite “laptop lifestyle,” try it for a bit, and fail miserably. And that’s a whole lot more than what you see on Instagram. Why though? How can you make the laptop lifestyle work for you?  

Most of us aren’t worried about working solely from an island, just from the local coffee shop to a meeting downtown and back to the home office.  Either way, productivity is key if you want to truly make this lifestyle work.

We will leave the job itself to you (writer, web developer, cyber security guru, or marketing genius—this part applies to all) and tackle how to be productive.  Because in the end it simply does not matter how good you are at your job if you don’t have specific laptop lifestyle skills that help keep you productive.

Maybe you’ve given the gift of working remote from your boss. Or maybe you’re a freelancer with multiple clients.  If so, you know just how competitive finding work and keeping clients can be.  Working smarter means greater productivity which results in quality work delivered on time or beforehand.  Which guess what?  Your client is happy, which often leads to repeat business. We’d say that’s a formula for success.

Productivity is the key to that success. This does not mean simply staying busy, as being busy and being productive are not the same thing. As soon as you understand this, you will be on the right track. Success doesn’t come from staying busy—it comes from working smarter.  Successful folks know how to be productive, which ultimately means working smarter.

So, how do we stay on track and consistently be productive?  We have a few key concepts up our sleeve that will help you succeed in an ultra-competitive but incredibly rewarding laptop lifestyle world.

Time Management

Yeah, yeah, we don’t have to explain this one. You get it.  But the question is:  do you implement it? Staying on track and meeting goals means managing time well. Whether that is setting a timer, scheduling each hour of the day, or keeping a hand-written calendar, it’s a critical factor in working smart vs. staying busy.  


Are you able to stay on track some days but not others? Why is that? Look at patterns. What are you doing on days that you are truly productive? How about those days when everything seems to be a struggle? Take the time to note what is distracting or beneficial and adjust your workday accordingly. Keep in mind your ultimate goal and focus on what is necessary to achieve it.  

Bite the bullet

Meaning, go after the hard stuff first. Get it over with. Because guess what typically gets put off? The most difficult tasks. Procrastination means you are always waiting until the last minute, therefore never getting ahead or feeling good about yourself. People like to say they work better under pressure, and that may be true for some, but distractions and excuses only hinder your productivity.

Organization & Preparation

Last but certainly not least, be organized and well-prepared. Organization is something you just can’t get by without, and being well-prepared boosts your confidence and makes you look darn good. Make sure you have the right accessories to make that happen. Which brings us back to the beginning.  Our line of modern laptop jackets helps you stay organized, focused, and confident in today's modern work world.

Maybe you’ve heard this all before. Maybe you need a reminder. Or maybe you are new to the laptop lifestyle world and want to make the most of it. We welcome all of you and hope that our experiences and products can truly make a difference in your life.