The laptop lifestyle is the key to your seamless work-life integration.

Derek Rungsea

“Work-life balance”, you know the phrase. Its usage started in the 1970s by baby boomers to describe the time allocated for work versus other aspects of life. Did I say 1970s? Last I checked, it’s 2019 and the times have changed. We live in a digital age, and we have internalized the idea that we should always be working.

As work culture has become increasingly competitive, we find ourselves constantly finding ways to create synergies between our workplace and our lifestyle.

This, is an approach known as work-life integration. It’s about identifying how to create value in all of these aspects in life that coexist and support each other to create our fulfilling life.

All we want are fulfilling and meaningful engagements between our interconnected roles and responsibilities that make up work and life.

So how do we facilitate this work-life integration? Blending these two harmoniously together means we need to be inspired by flexible lifestyles that allow us to work from anywhere.

Of course, we cannot live without leisure. We need experiences outside of work to foster fun and relaxation. As a result of this, we've shifted our mindset to find work that supports a lifestyle with leisurely experiences. Well, this lifestyle is made more possible than ever simply due to the power of the laptop.

Most of us have a laptop, and we’ve already begun typing away at home in pajamas, in a suit at a coffee shop, or hey, in a hotel in Paris. This so-called “laptop lifestyle” enables us to cultivate that seamless work-life integration.

It’s a personal tool that we should use to make our lives easier, not more complicated. It has given us the power and freedom to work untethered, and in environments we dictate, not the other way around. With such accessibility, you owe it to yourself to optimize the functionality, usability, and even personality of this tool. 

Work is a part of our identity, and for some of us, succeeding in life means also succeeding at work.

So I urge you to ask yourself how you can improve your laptop lifestyle, to go about your day more efficiently, more productively, and more seamlessly.