Why we are not fans of using commuter bags for meetings.

Vân Tran
Yep, this is me and this is how I feel walking into a crowded meeting wearing a backpack

Oftentimes, a commuter bag, such as a backpack or a large messenger bag, is simply too much.

The idea for Ox & Rabbit sprang up as a solution to the challenges of carrying a laptop around an office campus. Whether you’re a meeting guru or an office nomad, a common pet peeve is not having enough hands to take only your basic essentials, which might include a ear phones, cord connectors, chapstick, sticky notes, minty fresh gum, pens, USB memory stick, screen wipes, you name it!

With one hand clutching a laptop, the other must juggle between holding coffee/water, checking your phone, and opening doors. Sure, you can carry around a commuter bag, but it feels like overkill to lug that around the office all day. As efficient employees, we want to drop off our commuter bags at our desks, and be able to carry just our laptops and basic necessities around.

It started as a casual musing: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stick on handles and pockets to your laptop, just for casually carrying it around the office?”

So why not? Off to the drawing board we went to design a laptop carrier that has just that—a pocket to carry only what you need, options for a shoulder strap, and of course a subtle yet sophisticated style. If you’re looking for something that is ultra-light and isn’t overkill, we’ve got you covered.